Trekking Near Mussoorie

Trekking Near Mussoorie

We Have 6 bestNearest Trekking Places in and around Mussoorie

George Everest Peak & Wishing Well

Distance: 4 Km.
Charges: Rs 500 per Person.
Requirement: 5 Person At least.
About Trekking
Colonel Sir George Everest (Visit Here in July 4 1790- December 1, 1866) was a Welsh Surveyor and geographer, and the Surveyor General of India From 1830 through 1843.
Everest was largely responsible for completing the section of the Great Trigonometric Survey of India along the meridian arc from southern India extending north to Nepal, a distance of about 2,400 kilometres (1,500mi).This survey was started by William Lambton in 1806 and it lasted for several decades.
In 1865, Mount Everest was named in his honour despite his objections (1) by the Royal Geographical Society. This enormous peak was surveyed by Everest's successor, Andrew Scott Waugh, in his role as the Surveyor - General of India.

Binog Hill

Distance: 5.5 One Side km= Total Distance: 11 Km.
Charges: Rs 1,000 Per Person.
Complimentary: Snacks & Beverages.

About Trekking
Its the Largest area covered by the Pine Trees in Mussoorie as well as its a Wild Life Area.
Some times you can see Animals like Snow Leopard, Local Wolf and a group of Deer's & Beer's.
It’s the Highest Peak in Mussoorie from you can see Dehradun City View &Mussoorie City or Himalayas.

BhadrajDevta Temple

Distance: 15 Km
Charges: Rs 1,500 Per Head.
Requirement: 5 to 10 Person At least.
About Trekking
"A place inside the clouds, near to sun, its like heaven on earth!!"
Bhadraj temple is dedicated to Lord BalBhadra, brother of Lord Krishna. This temple is situated atop a hill and offers a splendid view of the Doon Valley, Chakrata ranges and the JaunsarBawar area of Himalayas. Every year Bhadraj temple organizes a fair from 15th to 17th of August which attracts thousands of devotees who seek blessings from Lord Bhadraj. The devotees offer milk and butter to the idol of the deity.

Kedarkantha Trek

Day 1: Reach GaichawanGaon; 8-9 hours drive from Dehradun. Transport will be organised from Dehradun Railway Station at 6.30 am. Cab costs approximately Rs.5,500 per vehicle.
Day 2: GaichawanGaon (5,600 ft) to Julota (8,950 ft); 4 hours
Day 3: Julota (8,950 ft) to Pukhrola (10,800 ft); 4 hours
Day 4: Pukhrola (10,800 ft) to Kedarkantha Summit (12,500 ft); descend to Dabukarai (10,135 ft); 6-7 hours
Day 5: Dabukarai (10,135 ft) to GaichawanGaon (5,600 ft); 4 hours
Day 6: Drive to Dehradun; 10-11 hours. The cab costs approximately Rs.5,500 per vehicle. You will reach Dehradun between 6.00 pm and 7.00 pm.
Please note that you will be staying at a lodge in GaichawanGaon. The stay on all other days is in tents (3 per tent). You can leave behind luggage (no valuables) that you do not require for the trek at GaichawanGaon. It is mandatory for trekkers to carry a copy of their photo id for entry at forest check posts on the trek.

Nag Tibba – weekend trek near Mussoorie

Day 1: Reach Panthwari; 5-6 hours’ drive from Dehradun. Transport will be arranged from Dehradun Railway Station at 6.30 am. Trek from Panthwari ((4,642 ft)) to Camp 1/Khatian (7,627 ft).
Day 2: Camp 1/Khatian (7,627 ft) to Nag Tibba Top (9,915 ft) via Nag Tibba Base (8,530 ft); descend to Bhatwadi, 5-6 hours. Drive back to Dehradun. Book trains or buses from Dehradun after 10.00 pm.
Please note: The breakfast during transit from Dehradun to Panthwari is not included in the trek fee.
You will be staying in tents overnight (3 per tent).
When you plan your travel, avoid the Mussoorie Express. Take the Nanda Devi Express or Jan Shatabdi Express instead.

Dhudli Village

What do you do after building a wonderful resort like JW Marriott Mussoorie?

Well you go ahead and curate wonderful experiences.
We Visited Dhudli Village near Mussoorie as a part of the trial.
If you wish to see how off beat it is at the moment, go ahead and Visit Dhudli Village.

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