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Camp George Everest made an unplanned humble beginning in 2017 with a small tented camp with all temporary set up. - The camp was started by Mr Shoeb As wildlife tourism in India had not matured the camp saw it lows and highs. In 2016 it was slowly converted into a more permanent arrangement with permanent deluxe tents.

Valley Crossing

A valley is a low area between hills, often with a river running through it. In geology, a valley or dale is a depression that is longer than it is wide.

Rock Climbing

An activity in which participants climb up, down or across natural rock formations or artificial rock walls.

George Everest Mussoorie


Climbers use this technique when a cliff or slope is too steep and/or dangerous to descend without protection.

Parallel Rope

Two low level ropes and four vertical posts make this climbing activity challenging and fun.

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Today Camp George Everest is run and administered by a team of committed people providing an incredible camping experience and has catered to over 1000 guests. The team includes Naturalists, nature guides, Swimmers, adventurists, trekkers, Pahari Chefs and the marketing Partner Trail Hikers handled by Mr Raman Sharma Travel Professional based in Mussoorie.

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